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The Current Connection Crisis is a Faith Crisis.

Are You Ready to Lead Others Out of Crisis?

Our Bible studies, Christian books, church programs, and ‘same old approaches’ to coaching and leadership aren’t piercing through the current connection crisis.

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Relational Spirituality Coaching 101 (RSC 101) equips coaches and ministry leaders with a proven framework to guide others to transformational growth.

Lead others into deep connection with Jesus, self, and their most important relationships.

Results You Can Expect from RSC 101

Elevate your leadership and coaching with 3 Powerful Training Modules inside RSC 101.

Unite the Spiritual & Relational Life

Show others how disconnection is impacting their spirituality. Teach them to navigate these effects for a deeper relationship with God.

Spot Coping Strategies

Transform your coaching impact with the foundations of the Relational Spirituality framework in 3 steps.

Connect Core Emotions

Cultivate deeper emotional intelligence by accessing and understanding the core emotions behind surface reactions.

Create Custom Growth Plans

Improve the emotional and spiritual health of those you lead with personalized growth journeys.

Break Self-Protection Patterns

Empower clients to disrupt common cyclical protection patterns they turn to when distress hits.

Inspire Deep Transformation

Inspire transformational change through incremental changes, patience, and consistent effort.

what's inside relational spirituality coaching 101

Make progress fast! In just 3 video sessions, you’ll get:

  • A full breakdown of attachment styles using the Attachment Filter Matrix.
  • Practical strategies to start disrupting unhealthy relational cycles.
  • Access to tools, exercises, and bonus materials including an attachment styles asssessment.
  • A roadmap for incorporating Relational Spirituality into your spiritual formation, leadership, and coaching.

RSC 101 Success Stories

Get a Proven, Research-Based Approach

Dr. Todd Hall is a leading psychologist affiliated with the Rosemead School of Psychology (Biola) and the Harvard Human Flourishing Program.

RSC 101 delivers trusted, research-based training at a fraction of the cost of esteemed institutions like Harvard or Rosemead School of Psychology.

Integrate psychology and your Christian faith to help others be genuinely human—deeply connected to God and others.