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The most important and helpful contribution to the spiritual formation conversation since Willard…

“In my estimation, Relational Spirituality is the most important and helpful contribution to the spiritual formation conversation since Willard and Mulholland three decades ago.”

John Mark Comer, Best Selling Author; Founder, Practicing the Way

Why is Lasting Change & Real Transformation So Elusive In Your Christian Coaching?

Clients come to coaches like you seeking real help. But real change is elusive.

You share knowledge and truth. Clients even agree with your approach but remain stuck in their problems and pain.

You’re fighting a battle you can’t win.

  • No combination of tools or tactics produces breakthrough results.
  • Clients plateau short of their potential.
  • You’ve hit a ceiling that limits your impact.

Relational Spirituality-The Key to Unlocking Your Most Impactful Coaching.

Relational Spirituality beautifully marries the attachment styles of modern psychology with the timeless wisdom of Scripture on the fundamentally relational nature of humans.

Facilitate profound spiritual and emotional breakthroughs for your clients.

With the Relational Spirituality framework, you will:

  • Spot clients’ relational pain dictating their behaviors
  • Help clients transform pain into joy
  • Connect holistic change to self, others, and God

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Dr. Todd Hall - A Trusted Expert to Unlock Your Coaching Potential

Hello, I’m Todd. I’ve spent 25 years training practitioners in this proven framework, developing, and coaching. I love watching the breakthroughs coaches and their clients obtain when they apply this approach.

I’ve spent my fair share of time in academia, research, and rigorous scholarship. I’ve written award-winning books, served on the faculty at Biola and the Harvard Human Flourishing Program, and been a psychotherapist and coach for more than two decades.

Like you, I know the frustrating gap between wanting to help others and actually facilitating lasting change in a quick-fix world.

Bridging that gap led me to the intersection of the psychology of attachment styles and the fundamental relational nature of humans in Scripture.

My passion is helping Christian coaches like you produce deep, lasting change in the lives of your clients through Relational Spirituality—spiritual transformation based on a relational paradigm.

This paradigm helps you produce transformational results. Better bosses. Healthier spouses and friends. Engaged parents. Flourishing businesses. Deeply connected followers of Jesus in a lonely world.

Relational Spirituality empowers coaches and leaders with the framework, tools, and practical methods to produce deep growth.

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