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Produce Lasting Change at the Deepest Levels in Your Ministry

Spiritual formation for ministry leaders.

Pastors, coaches, therapists, mentors, organizational leaders, leaders in higher education, and volunteers.

Does this sound familiar?…

You’ve mapped out a clear path to spiritual transformation for those you serve—as leader, coach, pastor, or mentor.

You’ve studied, prepared, and mapped things out in a logical order. You’re ready to guide others to become mature followers of Jesus!

But something happens when real people get involved. You bring truth to bear. They grow, evidenced by their deeper understanding of the Bible. 

And yet… 
The marriage still ends in divorce.
The teen still struggles with depression.
The addiction maintains a stronghold.

Producing flourishing followers of Jesus is HARD. No matter what approach you take. No matter what curriculum you follow. No matter what context you try—1:1, small groups, big groups, formal, or informal.

Too often, lasting change at the deepest levels eludes you.

To borrow a saying from the battlefield, “No plan survives contact with the enemy.”

Believe It or Not, What’s Holding You Back from Greater Impact Is More About What’s Absent, Not What’s Present In Your Current Approach.

The 3 Most Common Questions Christian Leaders Ask About Radical Life-Change Are:

1. Why is deep, lasting change so hard to produce, no matter what curriculum or approach I try? What am I missing?

2. How can I wisely use the Bible, my training, and psychology together to help others?

3. How does this work in my specific context? How would I apply it?

1. Why is deep, lasting change so hard to produce?

Change is hard. Deep change that sticks is even harder.

It’s common to cast blame 3 places:

  1. “Them! They just don’t care enough to change.”
  2. “Me! I’m not good enough, not doing enough, or not praying enough to facilitate deep growth.”
  3. The plan. The curriculum, context, or current approach needs more…[more biblical truth, more discussion, more integration, more. . . ]

In reality, it’s not about what’s present in your current approach. It’s what’s missing.

What’s absent in our spiritual formation is relational, not rational.

To put it simply, you’re attempting to form someone into a deep, loving relationship with Jesus while overlooking the powerful role of past relationships—also called “attachments.”

Love is never detached from relationship. Love is never purely rational. It’s also always relational.

You need a relational spirituality.

2. How can I wisely use the Bible, my training, and psychology together to help others?

You need a wise approach from a wise guide to synthesize the Biblical story, practical training, and the illumination psychology can bring to our understanding of how people are formed by God’s design.

It’s not an either-or battle. It’s an integrated application that addresses the whole person.

You need a relational spirituality that’s integrated.

3. How does this work in my specific context?

Let’s be honest: the bulk of your ministry training and background has been far more rational than relational. So you don’t simply need another block of information dumped on you.

You also don’t need to scrap the rational. You need to integrate it with the relational side of growth and change.

To do this, you do need a trustworthy guide to show you a proven process you can apply to your leadership context and style.

You need a trustworthy guide with a proven, hands-on, integrated relational spirituality.

Introducing the Relational Spirituality Coaching Certification

The Relational Spirituality Coaching Certification (RSCC) is a Christian coaching program that gives ministry leaders a clear plan to produce lasting change at the deepest levels.

I help you break through to a more profound spiritual impact in 6-sessions without wasting time cobbling together different techniques that don’t bring deep, lasting change.

You’ll get a plan backed by research and results, training and live discussion to guide you every step of the way, and bi-weekly coaching calls so you know how to produce lasting change at the deepest levels.

The Relational Spirituality Coaching Certification is an anti-course.

And there’s a reason for that.

You need more than a collection of one-size-fits-all videos filled with “information” to meet people where they are and guide them to deep, lasting change over time.

RSCC is for leaders who want me by your side, showing you exactly how to apply this process to facilitate deep growth and increase the impact you have on others.

Here’s What Others Are Saying About Relational Spirituality & RSCC

Meet Your Guide Inside The Relational Spirituality Coaching Certification,
Dr. Todd Hall

Hello, I’m Todd. I’ve spent 25 years training practitioners in this proven framework, developing, and coaching. I love watching the breakthroughs Christian leaders and those they serve obtain when they apply this approach.

I’ve spent my fair share of time in academia, research, and rigorous scholarship. I’ve written award-winning books, served on the faculty at Biola and the Harvard Human Flourishing Program, and been a psychotherapist and coach for more than two decades.

Like you, I know the frustrating gap between wanting to help others and actually facilitating lasting change in a quick-fix world.

Bridging that gap led me to the intersection of the psychology of attachment styles and the fundamental relational nature of humans in Scripture.

My passion is helping leaders like you produce deep, lasting change. 

The Relational Spirituality paradigm helps you produce transformational results. Better bosses. Healthier spouses and friends. Engaged parents. Flourishing businesses. Deeply connected followers of Jesus in a lonely world.

Get the framework, tools, and practical methods to produce deep growth inside RSCC.

More Powerful Words from Past RSCC Participants

What You Can Do With Your Relational Spirituality Coaching Certification

Simply put, you’ll have a clear plan to produce lasting change at the deepest levels.

With RSCC, you will:

  • Breakthrough to a more profound spiritual impact.
  • Stop wasting time cobbling together different techniques that don’t bring deep, lasting change.
  • Get practical tools to help facilitate change in your leadership context.
    Integrate your Biblical knowledge, skills, and experiences with useful insights from psychology related to spiritual formation.
  • Gain a deeper understanding and empathy for the stories and struggles of those you’re discipling, coaching, and leading through attachment filters.
  • More fully and faithfully, live out your calling with renewed hope in the power of the gospel.
  • Experience a deeper love relationship with Jesus that transforms your own life.

Four Pillars Inside RSCC—What You Get:


Get the Relational Spirituality 6-step coaching process backed by research and results.


Videos and live discussion calls to learn and practice each step of the RSCC process for easy implementation in your coaching.


Bi-weekly live calls with me and your fellow cohort members for discussion and help so you never get stuck or left confused about how to produce lasting change at the deepest levels.


You’ll move through RSCC with a small cohort of like-minded Christian leaders to befriend, discover, and apply what you learn together.

Remove the Relational Roadblocks Preventing Deep Change.

Tired of your efforts falling short? Fed up with spiritual formation crumbling under the intense pressures of real life? Done with change sticking for a moment, then sliding off like Teflon?

Join the Relational Spirituality Coaching Certification and get a clear plan to produce lasting change at the deepest levels!